The Thanksliving Challenge kicks off on October 10th so we can be prepared to begin on OCTOBER 14TH. At that time, you’ll start your 6-week training program at Original Strength Institute and begin tracking your daily habits.

Dates for you to keep in mind:

  • Oct 17th @7:30pm Check In Meeting
  • Oct 24th@7:30pm: Check In Meeting
  • Nov 7th @7:30pm: Check In Meeting
  • Nov 14th @7:30pm: Check In Meeting
  • Nov 26th @7pm: Celebration and Final Meeting

We’ll provide all the support you need, including a tracking sheet, digital resources, a Facebook group, and more!


Move Objective

➤  Train 3 times per week

Depending on your package, you’ll complete your training sessions online or at Original Strength Institute.

Our program uses a wide range of functional movements to help you build strength, boost your metabolism, and improve your mobility. We’ll explain each workout and guide you through every exercise.

Eat Objective

➤  Eat whole, healthy food

You’ll have two objectives in this category:

  • Follow our balanced meal formula which is focused on lean proteins and colorful fruits and veggies.
  • Avoid fast food, soda, and processed foods.

This objective will boost your energy and improve your body composition. Please see the your resources page for info.

Give Objective

➤  Take time for yourself and others, and give thanks.

You’ll perform one of these activities every day:

  • Give someone a hug
  • Go on a date
  • Spend quality time with a child
  • Read a non-fiction book for 10 min
  • Ask someone how you can help them (and then do it!)
  • Complete an act of service (pick up trash, gift a coffee, volunteer, etc.)
  • Reflect on what you are grateful for

This objective will enhance your personal growth.

Reset Objective

➤  Press reset for 5 minutes every day

You’ll “press reset” every day with one of these options:

  • Use our daily restoration plan (or choose your own)
  • Take a walk by yourself for 5 minutes without your phone
  • Meditate for 5 minutes
  • Dance / rock out to your favorite song
  • Attend a Flowga Class for an even deeper reset

This objective will enhance your rest and recovery.

Weekly Bonuses!

➤  Complete 4 weekly bonus activities

In addition to the daily objectives, we’ll announce weekly bonus opportunities in the following categories:

  • Facebook Bonus
  • Strength Feat
  • Walking Bonus
  • Check In Bonus

This objective will be a lot of fun and help you bond with the other participants.

Let’s Get Started!

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