1 Easy Thing You Can Do to Beat Sickness this Season

It’s already almost the end of February and if you’re anything like me you’re saying where did those New Year’s Resolutions go? Meanwhile either you or another family member can’t quite ditch that cold. If you find yourself getting sick, and it just stays around, there’s more for you than Sudafed and a nose redder than Rudolf’s.

My name is Marie Ligorria. I’m honored to write this edition of Original Strengths Institute’s Blog. I’m a certified wellness coach and mom of two. I work with women locally and abroad helping them learn how to nurture their health through foods and essential oils that promote gut wellness since ultimate well-being is based on the health of our gut.

When you’re busy and always on the go, sometimes life can get crazy, and getting hit with a cold or the flu is no fun, especially when you don’t have time to slow down. I’d like to share 1 easy thing you can do to reduce sickness in your house and strengthen natural immunity. I’ve found this is tried and true in my home. Building our immunity naturally verses forcing it with unnatural intruders and pathogens is a safer and more long standing route of defense.

1 Easy Thing

ACV: Short for apple cider vinegar, this is all the rage, yet it’s been around for ages. It seems every health guru on the block has written about ACV. Some of you are bound to already have this in your kitchen.(Actually, I have it in several rooms in my home for different reasons.) I drink it daily for staying healthy in a mug of warm or room temperature water every morning before I eat. This aids in digestion and helps control blood sugar. You want to make sure it is organic and unpasteurized. Apples are highly spayed with toxic herbicides and pesticides, so an USDA organic label is really important. We need it to be raw and unpasteurized, due to the healthy bacteria that is grown on the apples, that helps populate our bodies for non-beneficial bacterial resistance. So regular apple cider vinegar will not do the trick!

While this used to be an obscure item only to be found in health food stores, now a days you can purchase raw and unpasteurized ACV at most grocery and super stores.

When my kids or I start to feel under the weather I make a tonic for us to drink. We drink it three times a day.

ACV Tonic

1 Tbsp ACV

1 Inch Hunk Peeled Raw Ginger Root

1 Garlic Clove Cut In Half

1 Pinch of Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper

1 Mug Hot Water

Put everything into a tea mug and let it steep for 10 minutes. Just before drinking add 1 Tbsp of raw local honey or organic raw honey.

If this tip is new to you, or perhaps not new, but you haven’t implemented it, give it a try, and be consistent. Don’t just try it for a couple of weeks, and give up. Creating healthy habits that accrue long term positive results, takes time.


If you would like to learn more healthy tips, come visit Original Strength Institute Monday, March 2 evening at 7pm. I’ll be there sharing and speaking. There will be time for questions as well. I look forward to seeing you!

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