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At Osi you get our undivided attention. We care about you and your success.

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We pride ourselves on being highly educated and also, genuinely committed to our clients. With over 50 years of combined personal training experience and a lifelong passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, we know that we can help make a difference in your life.

OSI can provide the ultimate fitness experience to all shapes, ages, sizes, and ability levels. We want you to feel good mentally and physically after working out with us.

Our studio does not look like the typical fitness gym. We don’t use weight lifting machines and rarely use cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, or stationary bikes. We do love to use ropes, tires, medicine balls, stability balls, sleds, free weights, suspension systems, kettlebells, and our favorite, YOUR own body.

Training in our private personal training studio offers several benefits to you. We provide a private setting, which means no crowds, highly maintained equipment, and a super-attentive training staff. You won’t have to worry about the distractions that you may face in a larger gym, and you can stay focused on the task at hand; A fantastic workout.

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Original Strength  is a movement restoration system that we implement into all of our workouts to help you regain your youth and strength that you were designed to have for a lifetime. Each session at OS Institute begins with prepping the body by pressing RESET with a few simple movements, that include diaphragmatic breathing, moving your head around, rolling, rocking, and crawling movements.

Our training method is designed to help you maximize your strength, de-stress, achieve your fullest life potential, lose weight (if you want), and improve your everyday movement. We do this by tapping into your nervous system, and pressing RESET on your body. It sounds crazy, but it’s just crazy enough to work.

Our safe, effective, and results-driven program is tailored to your unique abilities and objectives. Our knowledgeable staff of movement specialists will help you grow your fitness toolbox and push the limits of your mind and body.


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When we were young, we had an endless supply of energy, and we could eat almost anything we wanted. We laughed a lot, and we played hard. We were carefree and full of life; we never thought twice about the way we looked or what size we were. Those “good old days” don’t have to be gone. We can bring those days back and return to the way we were; energetic, joyful, and full of life.