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Italo Intriago is Original Strength Institute’s Spotlight Member this week!  As of January 4th, Italo has been with us for a whole year!  He generally attends the 5:30am or the noon class.  All of the coaches at OSI have enjoyed watching his strength increase and his mobility improve.  He always gives it his all in class and is appreciated!  Congratulations Italo!

What’s an interesting fact about you?

I am a youth leader in our Church’s (Fuquay Varina United Methodist Church) youth group serving with Middle School boys. I’ve been doing that for 6 years now and enjoy it very much.

How did you hear about/what made you decide to try OSi?

Tim Anderson and his family attend our church and I found out he had a gym in downtown Fuquay. His boys are also in our youth group so this is all in the Church family 😉 .

What did you initially think about our form of movement and what reset felt the strangest?

At the beginning I was a little wary of how effective the resets would be, but now I do them as much as I can. I don’t think any of them felt strange but one in particular that I do get a lot of flack from my family is the rocking. Whenever I do rock my wrist joints tend to pop so my family calls me the ‘old man doing his rocking’.

Have you noticed anything in everyday life that is easier to do or you are able to do better?

I do notice that my core and leg strength have increased. My upper body is strong but I feel now that my whole body is a lot stronger.

What is your favorite thing to do at OSi and Why?

The Sled <exhale>. I love her and I hate her. The results of course are good, but she kicks my butt every time. Definitely my ‘favorite’ exercise for me.

What has been one of your biggest obstacles when it comes to sticking to your game plan in the past?

Injuries for sure. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I am a couple months from my 1 year anniversary and I have not been hurt. In my past life I enjoyed boxing and kick boxing and I would tweak this and pull that. My wife used to joke about me icing or bandaging injuries, but with OSI things have been pretty quiet on that front.

How has OSi helped/is helping you presently to overcome that obstacle?

At OSI the benefits of the resets, the workouts, and the trainers have been big plus to my fitness needs. Having great trainers there to show you the proper way to do the exercises and encourage you is very important.

What is your proudest achievement/next big goal at OSi?

I think the next big goal for me is increasing my overall strength and fitness levels. I turned 40 this year so getting older will continue to be an obstacle. It is good to know that OSI, the trainers, and yes the Sled, will be there to help (and kick me) along the way.

If you are interested in joining us at OSI we have a couple options including; one on one training, group training, and a $29 2 week trial. For more information about OSI or to register for classes, check out

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