It’s about Thyme!

Our friend Ally Stacher from Ally’s Bar is our guest blogger today and she’s going to share some information about juicing!


I love juicing. I love the idea and the ability to get a hearty salad in a glass of juice.

The ingredients that I want you to encourage to juice are:

IMG_43171 beet
1 lime
1 sweet potato
A nice chunk of ginger
3-4 kale leafs
a small bushel of thyme.




Lets put a beet in it! Not a hip hop beat, I’m talking about a rich dark red color of the almighty beet. Beets are one of my most favorite things to juice. I love the color they bring to the glass, along with the sweet earthy taste. Full of health benefits, they are attractive to athletes due to their ability to boost your stamina. The benefit is related to the nitrates turning into nitric oxide. They also help fight inflammation with their unique source of betaine. They are jammed packed with immune-boosting vitamin C, B, folate, fiber and essential minerals like potassium and manganese. Plus they taste awesome, once you get used to them ☺.

Next on our list is another favorite of mine. Sweet potato. My husband and I eat and drink a lot of sweet potatoes. They beautiful roots are an excellent source of vitamins C, B2, B6, E and biotin. On the mineral side of things they provide huge amounts of manganese, folate, copper and iron. Also rich in dietary fiber, sweet potatoes are also an excellent source of plant proteins and low in calories, unlike other starchy root vegetables. As I have said before, they also help reduce cramps and build your immune system. So don’t be afraid throw in this hearty root to your next juice.

Another great hearty vegetable I like to throw into my juice is kale. Kale seems to be a big trend right now for good reason. Kale has a high content of beta-carotene, calcium, vitamins A, C, K and more. Its high alkaline helps the body’s pH levels along with inflammation. The smooth green juice is another that shouldn’t be overlooked. It even has Omega 3’s which are great for brain and body function. You can never have enough omega’s and what better way to get them through a leafy green? Another great benefit of kale juice is it helps detoxifying the body. With some of the components found in this hearty vegetable it’s a great way to help keep you regular and detoxifies the body.

Lets soften the juice shall we, and to do that I like throwing in a lime. This small citrus fruit is awesome. It has anti-viral properties to help fight infections. Its great if you feel a cold coming on. Add some lime to your tea, water or juice to help fight any infection coming on. Limes are full of vitamin C, B6, potassium, folate and more.

IMG_4319Now lets throw an herb into the mix. I’ve really gotten into juicing thyme, especially during cold/flu season.  It’s a nutrient dense spice with an excellent source of vitamin C, A, ion, manganese, copper and dietary fiber. It’s also full of DHA, omega 3 fatty acids and is an incredible immune booster. If you’re coming down with a cold or cough add thyme to your tea, soup, eggs and yes to your juice. I love the herbal earthy taste it adds to this glass.

The last ingredient I’m going to throw into this juice is ginger. I have a soft spot for gingers because my husband is one. I love the extra spice ginger adds to any juice, soup or tea. Ginger is great to help with an upset stomach. Its anti-inflammatory compounds help with more than an upset stomach. It’s great for the fighting infection and more. Adding ginger to any glass of juice is a no brainer.  Are you seeing a trend yet, juicing is super healthy way to stay healthy and keep your muscles firing at their best.  Also, with all these vitamins and nutrients, save yourself a little bit of cash by not having to buy those annoying multi vitamins!

Well there you got it. Here is a very hearty and healthy glass of juice. I hope you enjoy this tasty mix up. Keep on juicing!

Thanks for reading!

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