Workout 4/10/16

April 10, 2016


1A- Squat and Push Up Mountain- start off by doing 1 squat then 1 push up, then do 2 squats and 2 push ups.  Continue adding 1 rep until you complete 10 squats and 10 push ups.  Then go back down until you get to 1 squat and 1 push up (ie: 9 squats and 9 push ups, 8 squats and 8 push ups etc..).  You can also set a timer and just get as far as you can up and down the mountain.

2A- Lateral Crawling-  set a timer for 5 minutes and perform a lateral crawl.  If you need to rest that is fine, just pause your timer.  Then when you are done resting restart the timer.


3A- Bird Dogs x 20 (10 ea side)

 3B- Dead Bugs x 20 (10 ea side)                                                                                                                Set a timer for 5 minutes and alternate between bird dogs and dead bugs


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