Tiffany Taylor- Strong Mom, Strong Life

Meet Tiffany Taylor – Our spotlight member of the week!!
Tiffany has been a member at OSi since the beginning and she is a total badass. She is an awesome workout partner and has some seriously sweet moves when old school rap is playing! She loves shopping, entertaining her family and friends, and really enjoys a good bottle of red wine.
She saw the develpoment of OSi when it was located next to Edward Jones. However, it was her neighbor, fellow OSi member, Trey Baker, who encouraged her family to attend.
Original Strength Institute is a family within itself. But Tiffany takes this “family” to another level. She and her husband, Skeeter, both attend Foundations classes. Tiffany has 3 awesome kiddos, 2 of which attend OSi as well. Her parents, Marvin and Sandra, are also members of OSi and attend the Reset and Restore classes. Chase, her oldest at 16, does private training with Tim. Cooper, 14, has attended many of our athletes hours, and Morgan, 13, is a swimmer.
What were your initial impressions of the resets we do prior to each Foundations class?
-In the beginning, the “rocking” back and forth was a little funny. Then I realized I was waking up muscle groups that were previousy asleep.
What do you do outside of OSi to stay physically active?
-I really enjoy walking in my neighborhood. Often times I am joined by one or two friends.
What keeps you coming back, even on the days you’d rather not?
-It’s just fun!! I like challenging myself to see if I can acheive more than I did the last time I worked out.
Have you noticed any positive changes since you joined OSi?
-Yes! I just feel better about myself.  Not to mention it helps prepare me for the challenges the day can bring. And my skinny jeans fit better!
Do you have a favorite movement or exercise that you like to do?
-I love to push the sled because it’s an activity I feel very confident in my ability to perform.
Have you acheived any goals you’ve set for yourself or have a next goal in mind?
-I can’t remember a “moment” where I said I can’t do that and acheived it, however I am most proud of the fact that I can say I made a commitment and I am sticking to it. My next goal would be continuing towards and hitting my goal weight. Not to mention moving like I am in my 20’s and a ROCK STAR.
Do you have any advice for newbies checking out OSi?
-Just keep going. Each day will present a new challenge, – just be there to face it! You will have the support you need.  Trust the process!
Y’all come on in for classes and maybe you’ll be cool enough to hang with Tiff!!


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