We are not a ‘gym’

The fitness industry is constantly changing and It creates a great deal of confusion. Fads, machines, memberships, exercises – they change from year to year. They always target your health desires, but do they really ever hit the mark? Does the traditional exercise model really address your real need? Will a smaller waist or bigger biceps really improve the quality of your life – in the long run? Are machines and exercise programs really the best way to become healthy and resilient, or are they temporary bandaids that provide temporary results at best?

Think about it. For years people have in-prisoned themselves in new eating regimens that they hope to make last a few months. Today what was once exercise is now a sport and what was once a sport is now exercise. The world is confused. Confusion leads to frustration. Frustration leads to defeat and failure.

As complicated as the fitness world is, there is one thing that is simple and has not changed since the beginning of time: the way you were designed to move. We (people) all have the same movement template that man was given since the first man was. This movement template is the program that was designed to build an extremely strong, capable, able body. A body that feels good. A body that moves well. A body capable of enjoying and engaging in life: playing with your kids, going on hikes, walking up your own stairs, skipping in the park – living.

It’s really simple. Movement, the movement that was placed inside of you, is the very thing that will help you restore the body you were always meant to have. Reps, sets, percentages, treadmills, and dumbbells are all just bandaids that won’t really lead to the body you were created to have. At least they won’t if you don’t own the movements that you were designed to operate from.

KierstenKoenigAt OSi, we remove the complicated and we return to the simple. We help you remember how to move again. We help you rediscover the strength and mobility that have always been inside of you. We simply help you rediscover and restore your Original Strength.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. You have everything you need to live in the body you want to have, the body you were born to have, right inside of you.

We are The Original Strength Institute. We are not a “gym.” We are a movement education facility. We are not “trainers.” We are teachers. We won’t yell at you. We’ll smile at you. We won’t condemn you. We’ll encourage you. We may even hug you if you need it.

We offer private coaching, small group training, running programs, lifestyle programs, virtual training, and training development for professionals. No matter who you are or what you do, we will help you and improve whatever it is that you do.  Take a look at our services here, or contact us at info@originalstrengthinstitute.com.

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