OSi Spotlight – ‘I have totally re-transformed my body and mind!’

Meet Craig Sowers.

Craig joined us in May 2017 to prep for an important test he was getting ready to complete.  He stopped in to check things out and ended up falling in love with the OSi Family and mentality.  Since May, Craig has lost 20 pounds, gained muscle, and is feeling better than ever.  Not to mention he’s made some new friends and has made the choice to dive even deeper into learning about the Original Strength RESETS that he has even recently gotten certified as an OS Certified Coach!
Craig works hard in the gym, but listens to what his body needs and how he feels in every session making him a very smart mover and the kind of person that all of our coaches want to work with.  Craig has seen tremendous results and we couldn’t be happier to have him in the OSi Family.
What are a few of your favorite things to do outside the gym?
I enjoy being outdoors whether it be hiking, camping, the beach or the mountains. I enjoy cooking or going out to dinner, especially if I can sit outside, and of course anything where I get to hang out with my two boys Bo and Payton.
What led you to OSI?
That’s a good question. I was a college strength and conditioning coach for over 20 years and have been training myself, since I was in 8th grade.  I needed a place where I was going to get results. A place where I was going to be motivated to train by others.
With my background, I could have trained at home or gone to a $20 a month gym, but I knew from my own experience and experience of others that I wasn’t going to get the results I was looking for, if any at all.
I had met Tim a few years back and was so impressed with what he was doing I had him come in multiple times and train our strength staff at NC State. I reached out to Tim and told him I needed to get down and check out OSI and the rest is history. I was hooked from day one!
What were your first impressions of “The gym that’s not a gym?”
It was perfect!
Somehow, I knew right away that it was exactly what I needed. OSI is real world training. It is the type of training that translates into my real life. Earlier this Summer I took the “Original Strength Pressing Reset” and “OS Performance” Workshops at OSI and it has opened my eyes and brain.

Original Strength is not only what the majority of the population needs, but it is also a critical component that is missing from most Sports Performance programs at the high school, college, and professional levels.What career path have you taken?

I used to be a college strength and conditioning coach for 20 years and now am blessed to be the VP of Sales for Werksan Barbell, which is one of the top two barbell and bumper plate companies in the US.

How did you hear about OSI?

A good friend of mine Joe Kenn, who is the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Carolina Panthers turned me on to Tim and OSI.

What have been your positive experiences since joining OSI?

That’s a tough one, where do I start.

In just over two months I have lost 20 pounds and put on muscle mass. For someone who felt like they were in pretty good shape before, I have totally re-transformed my body. I feel better in all aspects of my life. It’s interesting how OSI has not only impacted my health and body image, but also relaxed me.

It’s hard to explain how working out can have an overall calming effect on you, but when you reset your system with OSI techniques, it has some major positive impacts on your entire self. I have also helped some friends move recently and at the age of 45 feel like I can hang with the 25-year old’s!

What motivates you to continue to show up even when you don’t necessarily feel like it?

Great question! OSI is more than a gym to me, even after just two months of training. It has a family atmosphere about it.

Everyone from the instructors to the other members are always supportive, no matter where you are in your personal journey. I am motivated to go, even when I don’t want to because I know how good I will feel when I am done, I know how much of a positive impact it is going to have on me for the rest of the day and I don’t want to let my workout partners and instructors down!

Have you noticed anything in everyday life that is easier to do or that you’ve been able to do better?

Everything! Imagine losing 20 pounds and getting stronger and in better shape. Not only my every day physical activities, but also my ability to do my job.

Because my body is more relaxed overall, I am able to focus and better handle any stressful situations that may come my way. OSI, for me, has been life changing!

What does the word ‘strong’ mean to you?

Strong to me is being able to live my life the way I want to.

God gave me this body to develop it, to push it, to use it to do good for others, not to sit around and let it go to waste. Yes, strong to me is being able to pick up heavy objects, but it is also having the confidence that I can do anything I choose to do on a daily basis.

How do you define fitness?

Fitness to me is having the overall ability to do whatever you do better. In the real-world, fitness needs to be well rounded. Fitness is a combination of strength, cardiovascular capabilities, and good mental health.

Any pointers for OSI newbies or other thoughts you want to share?

I guess my best advice for newbies, which is a part of the foundation of OSI, is to start where you are. That will be different for everyone.

Don’t compare yourself to others, rather work every day to make a better you. Focus on the long term and not short term immediate results. I have seen so many people try to do more than they should in the beginning and quit because they didn’t allow their bodies to ease into this new routine.


If you’d like to learn more about OS Institute and work alongside Craig, and the rest of the OSi Family, come check us out.  Set up your 2 Week Trial for $29 and we’ll get you in and feeling better in no time!  No contracts, no enrollment fees, tons of small group sessions to choose from, and we have lots of fun… oh, and we get results!

Contact us at 919.346.6016 or email us at info@os-institute.com.  You can also see more about OS Institute at www.os-institute.com.



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