Let’s Get Real: 4 Reasons You’re not Seeing Results

Let’s get real people.  The majority of us can list out at least 5 things that they can do to start feeling better in their bodies.  We all have a general idea of what to do to get the results we are looking for, but our issue is really, how do we keep doing what we need to do consistently.

We can’t just expect to go through the motions half-assed and end up with a smile, six-pack abs, and be able to carry a months worth of groceries in on one trip.  You might expect me to say that your results are going to be based off of doing a specific training program, or following a certain diet, but here’s the thing… it’s so much more.  It’s all about your mindset and what you’ve got going on in that big ole brain of yours.

Chances are, if you are participating in a workout/training program and you aren’t getting the results you want, one or several of the following things is tripping you up a bit.

  1. You don’t actually believe that you can achieve the results you want.

Sounds crazy, I know, but ask yourself honestly.  Do you believe that you can achieve

2) You haven’t fully committed to your plan.


3) You are are impatient and looking for a quick fix.

After 2 weeks of busting your butt on your workouts and you haven’t seen any signif

4) You have associated getting results with perfection.

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