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Physical Therapy Services

Our on-site physical therapist offers a highly personalized experience in which the patient is the focus, not the insurance company. 

Providing private, 1-hour sessions that focus on getting you back to a healthy and active life.   You will receive a complete neuro-musculo-skeletal evaluation and treatment plan to ease pain and help you function, move, and live better.

Typical treatments may include manual interventions (joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, dry needling), individualized exercises, movement prescriptions to help your body recover its natural strength and resiliency, and extensive education on what’s breaking down or injured and how to recover from it. 


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meet Dr. kurt brooks

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Kurt is a physical therapist with almost 30 years experience. Working with orthopaedic and sports medicine injuries, he continues to build on his love of learning - from completing a manual therapy fellowship, earning an advanced doctorate in Physical Therapy, to teaching at the Duke University School of Medicine/ Department of Physical Therapy. 

His love of movement has evolved from participating in all major sports during his childhood and playing college-level volleyball, to attaining his 2nd degree black-belt in Tae Kwon Do and challenging himself with Spartan races in time for his 50th birthday. He continues his loves of anatomy and biomechanics, of life-long learning, of caring for others and of movement by incorporating Original Strength concepts into his clinical practice and daily life.


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    "Kurt has helped me multiple times with neck and lower back pain. He's definitely my go-to when I've got aches and pains."


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    "I tweaked my knee last week and I was able to get into Kurt’s schedule so he could take a look. Thankfully no major issues, a little focus on some muscles I’ve been neglecting and I should be good to go! Thanks, Kurt!"


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    "One year ago I was introduced to Kurt and started going to his class twice a week. My knee pain went away. Since then he has personally customized a routine designed to keep me active with emphasis on strengthening my core to help my back. "

    MATT B

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When we were young, we had an endless supply of energy, and we could eat almost anything we wanted. We laughed a lot, and we played hard. We were carefree and full of life; we never thought twice about the way we looked or what size we were. Those "good old days" don't have to be gone. We can bring those days back and return to the way we were; energetic, joyful, and full of life.
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