Workout 6-2-16

June 2, 2016

Head Nods Up and Down x 20

Head Nods Side to Side x 10 each direction

Rocks Forward and Back x 20

Rocking in Circles x 10 each direction

Windshield Wipers x 10 each direction

Rocking Chairs x 20

Egg Rolls x 10 each direction

Dead Bugs x 50

Bird Dogs x 50

Rolls x 5 each arm/leg

Cross Crawls x 40 total


Use Forward Crawling, Lateral Crawling, and Backward Crawling to make a box.  At each corner of the box do a push up.

5 Minutes


Do 5 Squats.  At the bottom of the 5th squat walk your hands out to a push up position and do 1 elevated roll in each direction.

10 Minutes


Single Leg Dead Lifts x 10 each side

Single Leg Bent Over Rows x 10 each side

10 Minutes

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