Cancer survivor has new outlook on being strong and able

Meet Vickie Cardin- Our Spotlight Member of the Week

Vickie has been a member with us since February 2017 (we are actually just now coming up on her one year anniversary!)  Vickie is strong and focused on staying healthy since she is a stage three cancer survivor.

We are so grateful to have Vickie, and her husband Lou, as members at OS Institute.  Vickie shows up consistently at 3x a week and works hard.  We love watching her when she is committed to something because she really sticks with it and sees great results.  Vickie is a supportive member of the OSi Community and always encouraging others.

Vickie recently told us that said to us, “I never even had worked out prior to starting with OSI in the challenge last February!  Training has helped me become functionally fit and confident enough to do whatever I want. And that is why I continue at OSI. I am Older – Faster – Stronger!”

And in case that last sentence or two alone didn’t give you all the feels, keep on reading and let’s get to know Vickie a little more!

Winter 2017 when Vickie first joined us



How did you hear about OS Institute?

My friend, and local business owner, Nelsa Cox,  talked me into joining the Strong and Able challenge of 2017 that started the last week of February.  I saw some great results and have since done 2 more challenges with OS Institute and seen even more results.

Has OSi had any positive impacts on your life?

Yes! I feel A LOT better.
And now I make sure that I do the resets each and every day on my own too.

What is your daily schedule like? How do you find time to fit in extra movement?

I work for Fonville Morisey in Raleigh so I have at a least a daily 45 minute commute each way. That is why I do the 5:30am classes. I will do the 6 am classes on Tuesday and Thursdays if I don’t have an early morning meeting. It has to be mornings because I don’t ever know what time I will get home.
Your husband, Lou,is also a member at the gym and you are both cancer survivors, correct? 
How has battling cancer changed your outlook on life, nutrition and fitness?
Yes. I had stage 3 breast cancer and Lou had cancer in his right kidney. He is currently going through chemo because of cancerous lymph nodes where they removed that kidney.
I took a class at Duke on mindfulness and that helped me get through everything and it continues to help me still to this day. We’ve tried to eliminate any processed foods and eat healthy, local foods. Cancer makes you aware of how wonderful it is just to be ABLE to move and exercise.
What motivates you to continue showing up, even on days that you’d rather not?
I show up because I know that I will feel so good by about 8:00am (after I work hard  and wake up at the 5:30 class 😉 haha) and will be ready to take on the day.
Are there any movements that are your favorite? Any you dislike? Why?
I love the resets! I couldn’t believe they really worked so well for me honestly.
I also enjoy working on my balance. Im hoping to get better at that. I’ve been dealing with an elbow injury lately and hoping it heals soon so I can get back to more kettlebell work and the battling ropes.

Do you have any advice for newbies or for those interested in trying OSi?
Like my friend [and fellow member] Nelsa told me, Just try it for a couple weeks and you will really see the benefits.
And I love all the coaches at OSi, they are simply the best.

Would you like to join Vickie and friends at OS Institute and see how you can start feeling stronger and more able?  We offer more than 35 small group sessions a week to choose from and we’d love to have you join us.  Set up your 2 Week Trial for just $29 which includes a private ‘Success Session’ in which we help set you up for success over the trial period and get to know each other a bit more.
Have a question?  OS Institute is located in Historic Downtown Fuquay.  Call us at 919.346.6016 or email us at


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  1. I didnt know if you helped people with Concussions get back to where they were.
    I am very Active and Have Ran Half-Marathons,Spartan Races and Lift.
    Im about 2 months out from the date of Concussion.
    Im seeing a Concussion Specialist and have been trying to get back but I think I need some help.
    Ive heard Great Things about OSI from Sherri and My Nephew Jacob Adcock went to OSI.

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