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Workout 10-2-17

Lift-Catch-Press Get Up Mountain 1-10-1 10 Minutes   Squats Push Up Mountain 1-10-1 10 Minutes Lateral Stinky Baby (Dirty Diaper) Carry Alternate Between Lateral Steps

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Workout 9-23-17

Single Leg Deadlift x 5 (Left Leg) Forward/Backward Crawl x 25-30ft Single Leg Deadlift x 5 (Right Leg) 6 Minutes Goblet Squat x 5 Grapevine

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Workout 7-10-17

Turkish Get Ups Alternating Sides 5 Minutes Single Leg Deadlift Right Leg x 10 1 Arm Suitcase Carry x 40-50ft Single Leg Deadlift Left Leg

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Workout 6-25-17

Goblet Squats x 10 Goblet Carry x 50ft Axis Crawl x 1 Each Direction 5 Minutes Bent Over Rows x 10 Each Arm Push Ups

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Workout 6-19-17

Weight of Water 5 Minutes Straight Leg Single Leg Deadlifts x 10 Cross Crawls x 20 5 Minutes Carries 5 Minutes 2 Rounds

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Workout 2-4-17

Single Leg Deadlift (Straight Leg) x 5 each Leg Carries x 40 Ft Repeat For 6 Minutes Goblet Squat Mountain Slow Push Up x 1

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Workout 2-27-17

A) Push Up Mountain w/ Frog Rolls 1-5-1 5 Minutes B) Lunges x 5 Each Leg Monkey Crawls x Same Length As Lunges 5 Minutes C)

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Workout 1-26-17

Single Leg Deadlifts x 10 To Carry Push Ups x 10 8 Minutes Goblet Squats x 10 Lateral Crawl x 30ft 8 Minutes Bird Dogs

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Workout 12-31-16

Get Ups 5 Minutes Crawls and Push Ups 5 Minutes Hindu Squats x 10 Cross Crawl In Crab Position x 10 5 Minutes Axis Crawls

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Workout 12-22-16

Reverse Lunge w/ Press At Half Kneeling-Alternating Sides After 5 Reps Cross Crawls x 20 After Every 2 Rounds (2,4,6 etc..) Repeat For 5 Minutes

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Workout 12-18-16

Single Leg Deadlift x 5 Single Arm Rows x 5 Repeat For 5 Minutes Goblet Squats x 10 Forward Crawl x 10ft Backward Crawl x

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Workout 12-11-16

Single Arm Dead Lift x 10 Single Arm Suitcase Carry x 25ft Repeat For 5 Minutes Alternating Arms Squats And Rocking Push Ups Mountain 1-10

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Workout 12-1-16

Squat and Press – Push Up Mountain Either Go From 1-10 Then 10-1 Or As Far As You Can In 10 Minutes Single Leg Dead

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Dumbbell Workouts
Chris Jones

Workout 11-27-16

Lift-Catch-Squat x 8 Lateral Crawl x 20 ft Repeat For 5 Minutes Reverse Lunges x 5 Each Leg Bent Over Rows or Bodyweight Rows w/Suspension

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Workout 11-4-16

Single Leg Deadlifts w/Weight in Left Hand x 8 Single Leg Rows w/Weight in Left Hand x 8 Single Leg Dealifts w/Weight in Right Hand

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Workout 10-28-16

Swings Or Dead Lifts x 10 Monkey Crawl x 40ft Repeat For 8 Minutes Squat To Hand Walk x 5 Crawl x 20-30ft Repeat For

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Workout 5-31-16

Do 50 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next one. Push Ups Dead Bugs Squats Renegade Rows Bird Dogs Swings

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Workout 5-27-16

Get Up Press x 3 Squat x 3 Swings x 10 Finish Get Up 10 Minutes   Burpee and Push Up/Row Mountain 1-10-1 Either Finish

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Workout 5-25-16

  Box pistols/SL Squats and push press x 10 minutes – perform 3 pistol squats on a box (assisted if needed) per leg, then perform

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Workout 5-23-16

  Deadlift Sandbag (Or Press DB or KB), Carry 10-15 yards, Reverse Get Up down, Stand Up and Switch Sides. Repeat for 10 Minutes  

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