September 7, 2017
Workout 9-7-17

Lift and Catch Mountain Crawl Forward and Backward 10ft on Odd Numbers Lateral Crawl Down 10ft and Back 10ft on Even Numbers 6 Minutes Sweep Through to Elevated Bird Dog x 5ea Frog Rolls x 3 5 Minutes Goblet Squat Mountain Crawl Forward and Backward 10ft on Odd Numbers Lateral Crawl Down 10ft and Back […]

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August 13, 2017
Workout 8-13-17

Get Ups (Without Using Arms) Lift-Catch Press Mountain 1-10   Lateral Crawl w/Bag Pull or Ball Push 5 Minutes   Hindu Push Up Hindu Squat Mountain 1-10

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May 20, 2017
Stone Workout 5-20-17

Clean and Press x 5 Bent Over Rows x 5 Squats x 5 Carry x 25-50ft

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February 27, 2017
Workout 2-27-17

A) Push Up Mountain w/ Frog Rolls 1-5-1 5 Minutes B) Lunges x 5 Each Leg Monkey Crawls x Same Length As Lunges 5 Minutes C) Bag Push and Pull In Push Up or Birdog Position Alternate Arms After Every 10 Reps 5 Minutes Repeat B and C For 2 Rounds

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January 14, 2017
Workout 1-14-16

Sand Bag Get Ups Alternating After Each One 5 Minutes Clean-Catch-Squat x 10 Presses x 10 Reverse Lunges x 5 Each Sand Bag Pulls In Push Up Position x 5 Each 5 Rounds

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December 31, 2016
Workout 12-31-16

Get Ups 5 Minutes Crawls and Push Ups 5 Minutes Hindu Squats x 10 Cross Crawl In Crab Position x 10 5 Minutes Axis Crawls x 30 Seconds Each Direction 3 sets 1-3 Rounds

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November 27, 2016
Workout 11-27-16

Lift-Catch-Squat x 8 Lateral Crawl x 20 ft Repeat For 5 Minutes Reverse Lunges x 5 Each Leg Bent Over Rows or Bodyweight Rows w/Suspension Trainer x 10 Cross Crawls x 10 Repeat For 5 Minutes 2-4 Rounds

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October 28, 2016
Workout 10-28-16

Swings Or Dead Lifts x 10 Monkey Crawl x 40ft Repeat For 8 Minutes Squat To Hand Walk x 5 Crawl x 20-30ft Repeat For 6 Minutes Hindu Push Ups x 5 Frog Rolls x 5 Repeat For 6 Minutes

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June 10, 2016
Workout 6-10-16

Lego Squat to Cross Crawl x 5 each leg Sand Bag Drag in Bird Dog Position x 5 each side 10 Minutes Squat, Hand Walk, Push Up, Jump x 10yrds down and back Axis Crawls x 2 each direction 10 Minutes Frog Rolls x 3 Cross Crawl in Crab Position x 5 each side 5 […]

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May 23, 2016
Workout 5-23-16

  Deadlift Sandbag (Or Press DB or KB), Carry 10-15 yards, Reverse Get Up down, Stand Up and Switch Sides. Repeat for 10 Minutes   5 Squats w/Sandbag, DB, or KB Then Carry in Goblet Position for 10-15 yds. Put Object Down and Crawl Forward/Backward for 10 yds.  Repeat for 10 Minutes.

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May 11, 2016
Work Capacity 5-11-16

  Weight Of Water x 5 Minutes Axis Crawls x 5 Minutes Carries(Farm Work) x 5 Minutes  

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May 6, 2016
Workout 5-6-16

  1A) Get Ups (Alternating Sides) 5 Minutes   2A) Single Leg Squat (Lego Squat) x 5 each leg 2B) Hindu Push Up x 5 10 Minutes   3A) Dead Lift x 10 3B) Reverse Lunge x 5 each leg 10 Minutes

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May 1, 2016
Workout 5-1-16

  1A) Single Leg Dead Lift x 10 each leg 1B) Lateral Crawl and Push Up x 4 8-10 Minutes 2A) Squat-Hand Walk to Plank-Jump Back To Squat (I literally have no idea what to call these) x 5-10 2B) Squat-Jump to Plank-Hand Walk Back To Squat x 5-10 2C) Axis Crawl x 2 each […]

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April 22, 2016
Workout 4/22/16

1A) Get Up Off The Ground Anyway You Want For 5 Minutes ( I Show Examples In Video)   2A) Dead Lifts (Hinging) x 10 2B) Rocking (Elevated If Possible) x 5-10      10 Minutes   3A) Farm Work x 10 Minutes

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April 20, 2016
Body Weight and Sandbags 4/20/16

1A) Single Leg Deadlifts x 10 Each Side 1B) Frog Rolls x 5        10 Minutes   2A) Backward Crawl and Sandbag Pull x 5 Minutes   3A) Farm Work x 50-75 ft 3B) Cross Crawls in Push Up Position x 10 Each Side         10 Minutes

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April 14, 2016
Workout 4/14/16

  1A) Modified Duck Walks x 5 minutes (rest when needed) 2A) Squat and Press (w/sandbag or kb) x 10 reps x 10 minutes (rest when needed) 3A) Forward Crawl w/ Sandbag Pull (if you don't have something to pull just crawl) x 10 minutes

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March 31, 2016
Get Ups, Squats, Push Ups, Farm Work, and Burpees
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